Bit Of Whimsy

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  Hello and welcome to my little herd. I am located in Western Pennsylvania. I have Nigerian Dwarfs and a few sweet LaManchas. I have helped Caprigem, my sister's herd, for many years now and have decided it is time for me to have my own. I am starting out small and hope to continue to learn and grow with my herd. I am looking forward to this years shows and Linear Appraisal. Bit of Whimsy is a proud member of ADGA and WPDGA. I am very proud of the progress I have made with my herd and my skills I have learned to care for and show my herd. I have been offering hoof trimming and show fitting services to close friends and local various breeders. I also have had fitting teaches in my home to help other beginners.

News, Updates, and Upcoming Events


Our 2021 Kidding Season is now completed

Nigerian Dwarf


Dam: Caprigem EM Laurel VEEE90

Sire: Golden Dawn Z Zaxby

Left- Buck- Bit Of Whimsy ZAX Wild Thing- For Sale

Right- Doe- Bit Of Whimsy ZAX Cherry Bomb- Retained

Nigerian Dwarf


Dam: Bit Of Whimsy FB Jaded

Sire: Gibson Farm Sand Dune *B

Left- Doe- Bit Of Whimsy SD Moonstone- For Sale

Right- Buck- Bit Of Whimsy SD Malachite- Sold

Nigerian Dwarf


Dam: Bit Of Whimsy FB Jaded

Sire: Gibson Farm Sand Dune *B

Left- Doe- Bit Of Whimsy SD Mazda Miata- Sold

Right- Buck- Bit Of Whimsy SD Mini Cooper- Sold

Nigerian Dwarf


Dam: Fairland Farm MX Morning Glory

Sire: Maplewood Hill Top Bruno Mars

Single- Doe- Bit Of Whimsy BM Primrose- Retained



Dam: Bit Of Whimsy C Princess Zelda

Sire: CH Dalton's Way WZ Jackson 92EEE

Doe (Not Pictured)-  Bit Of Whimsy JK Nefertiti- Sold

Doe (Pictured)- Bit Of Whimsy JK Anastasia- Retained



Dam: Doggie Days VIPEWEEZ Inky

Sire: CH Dalton's Way WZ Jackson 92EEE

Left- Buck- Bit Of Whimsy JK Mario- Sold

Right- Buck- Bit Of Whimsy JK Luigi- Sold


I would like to put a highlight on the bucks that made our 2021 kidding season possible!


LaMancha Buck

CH Dalton's Way WZ Jackson 92EEE

Sire: Welshans-Acres E Wizard

Dam: Dalton's Way MC Jericha

Photo courtesy of Doggie Days LaManchas

Nigerian Dwarf Bucks

Gibson Farm DEV Sand Dune *B

Sire:  SG NC PromisedLand SS Deviant +*B/*S

Dam:  Dill's XM Dolly Parton *M

Golden Dawn Z Zaxby 

    SS: NC Promisedland Mean Streak *B 
S: NC Promisedland MS Zumba *B 
    SD: SGCH NC Promisedland PAL Macarena 5*M/5*D 91VEEE (2010 ADGA National            Show 1st Place Udder 2 year old & Reserve Best Udder. 2012 ANDDA Total Performer,        2012 Platinum JuJu Award & 2012 ADGA National Show 1st place, 1st Udder 4 year old) 

    DS: NC Promisedland Paypal +*B 88VVE
D: Golden Dawn Zombie Apocalypse (2020 Nigerian Dwarf Best in Show Winner at Pennsylvania Farm Show) 
    DD: ARMCH SGCH NC Promisedland SS Zoey 3*M/6*M 90VEEE 2008 Silver JuJu

Thank You Gibson Goat Farm for letting me bring this handsome man home!

I apologize for being long winded on this buck, I am just excited about this bucks pedigree!

Maplewood Hill Top Bruno Mars

Sire: Walnut-Mnt.Gibb Me A Kiss

Dam: Maplewood Hill Top 24K Gold

Thank You Maplewood Hill Top for this handsome boy, I am looking forward to seeing more kids from this wide buck. As soon as possible I will be updating his pictures!